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Tom's Web Site

Welcome to Tom's Web Site.
My name is Thomas Charlton and I am a Baha'i.
My goal is to provide information, somethings to learn and think about. It is up to You to decide what has merit, look around and who knows, You may just learn a thing or two.
This site is about things that I have found interesting. Some are religious, some are amusing and some are just sites I have come across in my travels. This site has links to all sorts of other Web Sites. Indeed the links on this site alone will open the doors of many, many thousands of web pages.

... you should exert all your efforts upon deepening your knowledge of the teachings and literature of the Cause. The Writings of Baha'u'llah and the Master are like vast seas, the deeper you go into them, the more priceless treasures you will find. And it is only after acquiring those treasures that we can hope to share them with others.
(On behalf of Shoghi Effendi, Compilations vol. I, p. 213)

One word about this site Consider it Always ( well just about ) Under Construction. I will Add or Remove items, Update Pages with New Content and Different Points of View from a wide range of sources.

So please let me know if you wish a site added or edited. All I ask is that you remember: "To Err is Human" and I claim to be very Human, well most of the time :-) .

This page will take you to all of the other Links on this site. You will find links to a wide array of  Web Sites.

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