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So What's New?

As of June 2002

Galactic Pictures, a page of images that are out of this world!
This page will take some time to load if you are not
using a High Speed Internet connection.
The Galactic Pictures Link

The Page Abraham Joshua Heschel   has been added.
Some quotes and articles.
A web search is highly recommended, you will find the life of a
most interesting person.

A Bahá'i view of this subject.

Forgiveness added to Bahá'i Quotes

Love is the secret of God's holy Dispensation added
to Bahá'i Quotes

The Page Tranquility Zone an Idea has been added!
I found this on a British Baha'i site and thought I'd share it with you.

A few Changes to Font Size, to make reading easier, and
a couple of graphics edited or added.

Lots of small corrections and style changes, most of which
will be transparent to the viewer.

I have finished the Feast Pages (all nineteen feasts). Lots of quotes to get
You started.
Baha'i Quotes have been updated.

Many new pages added, such as Journey of the Soul.
Some Things to Think About is New
and offers four new pages and articles.
Visit Site Links for a list.

Have a look at Worth a Visit,
Some changes and additions.
A new addition is Project Guttenburg (something I have meant to
add for some time, sorry) a truly Must Visit Site.