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Worth a Visit

It could be that this page is mis-named. After all most Web sites have something of interest. However this page contains links that I found interesting. They are in no particular order but have a look any ways. You just might find something that you have been looking for....

First of all a little advise, if you don't have a Virus Scanner or an Internet Firewall get and use them. Viruses, Trojans and Hackers abound on the Internet and are just waiting out there.

Here are two sites you should visit, they concern E-mail Security and Internet Security:
This first page deals with E-mail Security and offers many suggestions as to how to protect your e-mail: E-mail Checklist

Advosys Consulting Inc. Protecting yourself on the Internet is an excellent page of tips and advise. Well worth a visit and well worth the advise.

Project Guttenburg, What is it?
Project Guttenburg is an online elctronic libray
of immense proportions.
It is free!
It is a must see!
Click the image below to go there and good reading!

The free public domain version of Star Office, although a bit stripped down, in that it does not offer most of the extras of Sun's version is available from Open Office Org. It is now available as a more complete office publishing suite. Word processor, Drawing program, HTML editor and a MS Presentation compatable 'slide show' called Impress.

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