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Baha'i Web Links

This page is a mix of Baha'i Religious sites and other sites relating to books, web building and sites that will provide food for thought. Just to name a few.
If you follow the links at any one of these sites it will lead you to many, many thousands of other sites, I estimate approximately some seven or eight thousand sites. So have fun exploring.

The Baha'i World -- Official Site of the Baha'i Faith

The Ocean Electronic Baha'i Books are available at , this downloadable library is quite extensive. It is fully searchable and very easy to use. The hundreds of books and documents are updated almost daily. I recommend this site to all.

The Baha'i Faith Index (Virtual Library) Search Engine of Over 3087 links and 24 categories.

9 Reasons is a page full of reasons on being a Baha'i.

A Baha'i Faith Page

"A Traveller's Narrative Translation "

A Year Amongst the Persians Table of Contents

Album of Views Gallery The 42 hand-tinted photographs make up
the core of this electronic publication.

Arabic and Persian Babi and Baha'i Texts

Association for Bahá'í Studies - North America Home Page

Association for Baha'i Studies (English-Speaking Europe)

Baha'i Academics Books and other full-length works

Bahá'í Academics Resource Library

Baha'i Art Gallery - Paintings & Illustrations

Baha'i by Subject

Baha'i Communications International

Bahá'í Faith

Baha'i Graphics by Kathy Peach.

Bahai Librarians Network

Baha'i Bookshelf in Zip Format

Bahai Studies Cole

Baha'u'llah on the Life of Jesus

Becoming a Brilliant Star

Chandran's Home Page

Early Believers

European Bahá'í Business Forum

FastRS - Bahá'í Fast Sunrise-Sunset Program

General and Introductory Baha'i Information

Graham's Framed Baha'i Pages

Ian Vink photos

Index of BAHÁ'Í PRAYERS True Seekers

Index of -files-Religion

Index of Works True Seekers

International Bahá'í Library

Introduction to the Baha'i Faith

Iranian Identity and Historiography

Iranian Millenarianism and Democratic Thought

Juan R.I. Cole Home Page

Kitab-i-Aqdas Multilinear Translation project

List of Baha'i Files available UK

Lower Fraser Valley Regional Bahá'í Site - Service Page

Maxwell School

Momens' Home Page

Mottahedeh Development Services - A Social and Economic Development Agency of the Baha'i Faith

Noble Creation

 One Country Newsletter

Religious Resources at the University of Virginia

Ruhi Online Institute

 Welcome to, online home of Stephen A. Fuqua.

Shoghi Effendi Haifa talks

Welcome to the Soc.Religion.Bahai
home page!

Spirit of Glory The Bahá'í Faith

The Bahá'í Faith Winnipeg

The Baha'i Page at MetaLab

The Chosen Highway


The Warwick Leaflets

The World Order of Bahá'u'lláh

Today Date and Time

Translations of Shaykhi, Babi and Baha'i Texts

True Seeker Home Page

Use Bahai Calendar in Windows

webpin Year of Service

Welcome to Louhelen

World Religions @ Wabash Center

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